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Custom APIs and Backend Services

    Web services, Integrations and purpose built APIs are the backbone of most modern applications, yes, even mobile apps often require some sort of "backend". Our approach to constructing these systems is thorough, we consider not only the core functionality, but also: Developer Experience, Lean & Speedy Endpoints, and Service re-use.

    In general, backend services are responsible for much of the heavy lifting that occurs behind the scenes. This could be anything from interacting with a database all the way to advanced machine learning routines. For some cases a fully custom set of backend services may be appropriate, however, that's not always the case! Why would we re-invent the wheel if there are already great designs for us to use?

    It's quite common to find a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that someone else has created which can be integrated (usually with tiered pricing) into your project to accomplish a core task. We can help you to evaluate all of your options, using our Research and Development skills we can create detailed Proof-of-Concept (PoC) projects for potential SaaS products as well as custom development.

Web Services

REST, GraphQL, WebSocket, Sockets, Message Queues; these are just a few of the many ways that applications communicate with one another. One of the more common types of communication is using HTTP2 with a RESTful architectual style. Communicating between a website or mobile app is a breeze when using web services.

Purpose Built API

Application Programming Interfaces (API) are the mechanism which developers leverage to simplify the communication between services and accomplish goals within a project. If you have a specific need, we can build an API to help you accomplish the task and allow other applications to re-use the same logic without starting from scratch.


Do you already have existing infrastructure or have a requirement to use a specific type of application in your project? We can build custom solutions that allow you to integrate with almost any requirement.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

    In 2009 the phrase "There's an app for that" became popular due to an advertisement for the iPhone 3g. One takeaway from this ad was that there is already a huge number of mobile apps available, one for almost anything you can think of. Here's the thing, there's not an app for everything AND just because an app might exist, doesn't mean it's the best.

    Not every app has to be the next social media giant like: Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, etc... In fact, there are plenty of use cases outside of social media that warrant the use of a mobile application. Some apps are intended for consumption by the general public, while another could be a tailor-made mobile app to streamline a process at your company.

    Enterprise mobile applications are probably the most under-rated type of application. Can you think of any that are a household name? I can't. However, it's undeniable that companies are using custom mobile applications to assist with their day-to-day operations. With the amount of automation in the workplace and data-entry required to keep a business afloat, it's amazing that some process still require a pen and paper solution. This may the easy way to get started, however, a mobile application can often be the solution for streamlining these otherwise tedius tasks.


Building a cross-platform application allows your product to reach larger potential audiences and "future-proof" your workflow. Applications that are 100% native Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or Web; are often highly optimized for the platform which they are being served. If you want to be able to cross boundaries and reach users on any other platform, you will have to create a completely separate version of your product for EACH platform. That's just crazy. It's worth mentioning that skillset and cost of maintaining multiple different versions of the same application is non-trivial.

Personal Apps

We can help you to bring your application idea to life! Currently, we do not build mobile games, but, we can help to build almost any other type of application imaginable.

Enterprise Apps

One of our greatest strengths is building enterprise applications that a business will use internally. These apps are often higly customized to fit the exact need of the company and provide the maximum amount of efficiency.

System Architecture and Design

    When people think of design, they often consider only the visual representations such as Web and Graphic Design. Yet, the design that you don't see, the architecture, is likely the most important design when it comes to system efficiency, durability, and longevity.

    Before any real development takes place, we put in the time to strategically design all aspects of the your new project or the enhancements needed for your existing product. We leverage our understanding best-practices and the lastest technological advancements to ensure that your project is operating at the highest level required. Although it takes time put together a great plan, the time spent crafting a good strategy is almost always paid for with the increased efficiency of the development process.

    Quite often the perfect solution is not clear from the start. We employ our R&D skills to create details PoC project(s) to demonstrate the capabilities of a particular architectural design or individually integrated system. These projects are designed to test the questionable solutions by simulating the conditions and constraints under which the solution must perform. We do this with very simple examples designed to highlight the exact strengths/weaknesses we are trying to detect.

System Architecture

Just like the exact architecture of each building facing the College Ave. is unique, the exact architecture of every software project is almost completely unique. By using a combination of open-source (pre-existing free) applications and custom built functionality, we will help you to design and craft the core of your application.

Research and Development

Is there a tool or service available that you'd like to know more about? Want to see exactly what the strengths/weaknesses are? We can help you by creating lazer focused PoC projects to demonstrate functionality specific to your use case.