Make a Plan

How does this work?

You have an idea!

Do you have an idea for a new project/application? Requirement to enhance an existing project? With that, the first part is almost finished! Now, simply fill out the Project Planning Form and send it in via email. We will look over the form and reach out to touch base and verify your requirements.

Ballpark quote

We get back to you prompty with a ballpark to quote and initial outline of the project scope. If the project is something that peaks our interest , we are in the same ballpark regarding the initial quote, we move on to the next step and start planning the project details. If we're not in the same ballpark or we do not think that we are the best fit for your project, no worries, we'll do our best to suggest an alternate route.

Discuss project details

At this time, we've agreed on the ballpark quote and high-level project specifications. Now, we begin to drill down into the nitty-gritty details of exactly how everything operates and we create a detailed plan of action and project timeline.

Architecture and Wireframes

Once the details have been finalized, we will draft the intial software architecture documentation and build wireframe mock-ups of any required user interfaces. If the high-level architecture and wireframes are acceptable, we move on to the PoC and Design phase. We will repeat this step until we have the right solution for you!

Mockups and Design

This step is where we have the designers get to work creating mockups and custom graphics to demonstrate what the final product with look like. This step is most applicable for landing pages and mobile applications. We will continue this step until you are happy with the designs.

Develop and Test

Once the architecture and design have been solidified, we begin the development phase. During this phase we create the required services and features as specified in the previous documentation. As functionality is completed we will provide a demo to show the project in action and to prompt any further changes.


Now that your project has been completed, we can help you to deploy the project into your testing/staging/production environment(s). At this time we can also make any minor tweaks to the application to ensure that it will integrate seamlessly with the deployment solution of your choice.